17 and 18, 2009

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Fourth workshop

This workshop is based on the PhD program DEMO (Doctorate in Economics Managementa and Organisation). The workshop deals with business research questions from the perspective of economics. The topics covered are wide enough to include key issues of the economics of the firm as corporate strategy, corporate governance, human resource management or innovation activities, to mention some of them.

This IV IBEW is organised by Lluis Bru and Rafel Crespi from the Department of business administration at the Universitat de les Illes Balears (UIB). The format, as in previous editions, will be in a day and a half or two days depending on the amount of papers finally accepted.

The IBEW is hosted by the Universitat de les Illes Balears, Departament d'Economia de l'Empresa, at the Campus of the Carretera de Valldemossa, km. 7. The Campus is located between Palma de Mallorca and Valldemossa (see head pictures). The workshop will include presentations an discussions of regular research papers related to the topics covered by the IBEW. This second workshop will finish with a closure dinner on Friday 18th.

Images of the third workshop, Palma, September 2008 (Click on the image to enlarge it).

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